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Positioning Planar Back 


  • Surface layer of Gel-infused Viscoelastic foam provides cool, long lasting support and comfort 

  • Middle layer of high-density, high resilience (HR) foam

  • Base layer of closed-cell foam 

  • Precision Fit lumber support system 

  • Ergonomically designed planar back pan 

  • Adjustable lateral bolsters 

  • Two back height options: 18" or 22" with 6" of slotted height adjustment 

  • Five widths: 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" 

  • Pull through tabs that eliminate the use of adhesive 

  • Universal headrest mounting hole pattern 

  • Vertical tracks for mounting lateral thoracic supports 

  •  Moisture wicking, four-way stretch and fluid resistant cover 


Pull through straps hold the cushion securely to the pan without the use of adhesives 

HCPCS: E2620,E2621

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